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Neue Veranstaltung „Build Your Own Business“ für Masterstudierende (Business Project) im Sommersemester 2019

In the Summer Term 2019, the Endowed Chair for Interdisciplinary Management Science offers a new course on entrepreneurship! The course gives students insights into the digital transformation of corporates and enables the students to become an entrepreneur by developing new digital business models up to the design of a promising business plan and an investor pitch. It touches upon how to deal with the opportunities and challenges posed by current major trends such as big data, augmented reality, labor 4.0 or the internet of things and offers students the possibility to apply their acquired knowledge right away, by writing their own business plan for a digital business model. Students will learn from many examples and best practices.

After one introduction session, students gather in small groups to develop a business plan of their own business idea. Next to handing in the business plan in written form, students will also learn to present their ideas in front of an expert jury similar to investors which will give further feedback to refine the business idea. Evaluation is based on an individual written assignment, the business plan itself and the evaluation of the presentation in front of the expert jury. Participation is limited to 25 students. To apply, send your CV and transcript to matthias.schulzSpamProtectionwiso.uni-koeln.de until February 10th, 2019.

Lecturer: Dr. Rainer Minz